5. Deploy the frontend

The Substra frontend is a standalone Helm chart that only needs to be told under what URL the backend API is to be contacted.

This section details setting up the ingen frontend on cluster-1, making it available at substra.cluster-1.DOMAIN.

Naturally this could be repeated for biotechnica onto cluster-2, with the appropriate values changed.

5.1. Update the backend values

Tell the backend to set the proper headers for cross-origin resources, by adding new values in backend-ingen-values.yaml:

  CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST: '["substra.cluster-1.DOMAIN"]' # this is a string parsed as a JSON list
  # you should already have ALLOWED_HOSTS under "config"

5.2. Prepare your Helm values

See also

Full reference on Artifact Hub.

Create a file for your values, say frontend-ingen-values.yaml.

Tell the frontend the backend API url:

  url: "https://api.cluster-1.DOMAIN"

Expose the service with the included ingress:

    - host: substra.cluster-1.DOMAIN
      paths: ['/']
    - hosts:
      - substra.cluster-1.DOMAIN
      secretName: substra-frontend-tls

5.3. Deploy the Chart

Deploy with Helm, like the backend:

helm install frontend substra/substra-frontend --version VERSION --values frontend-ingen-values.yaml --namespace ingen

Validate with a web browser; you can log in as admin with the password an3xtr4lengthyp@ssword, which we set up in the backend values earlier.