Substra documentation

Substra is an open source federated learning framework. It provides a flexible python interface and a web app to run federated learning training at scale.

Substra main usage is a production one. It has already been deployed and used by hospitals and biotech companies (see the MELLODDY project for instance). Yet Substra can also be used on a single machine on a virtually splitted dataset for two use cases:

  • debugging code before launching experiments on a real network

  • performing FL simulations

Substra was created by Owkin and is now hosted by the Linux Foundation for AI and Data.


Substra has three user interfaces:
  • Substra: a low-level Python library (also called SDK). Substra is used to create datasets, algorithms and machine learning tasks on the platform.

  • Substrafl: a high-level federated learning Python library based on Substra. Substrafl is used to run complex federated learning experiments at scale.

  • A web application used to monitor experiments training and explore their results.


Install substra and substrafl with the following command:

$ pip install substrafl

Substra is a dependency of Substrafl, so it will be automatically installed.