Upgrade notes

Substra 0.15.0

This version ships with an upgrade to dependencies including an upgrade to PostgreSQL. You need to upgrade the database before upgrading the application proper, to ensure migrations work properly.

Postgres is used in the orchestrator and also in the backend (for substrapp).

The most straightforward way to upgrade is to:

  • dump the database
    • for substrapp, it’s easiest to do so through Django (you get a JSON file)

    • for the orchestrator, connect to the database and run pg_dumpall (you get an SQL file)

    • don’t pay much attention to localrep, it will be rebuilt

  • destroy the Postgres Kubernetes objects

  • determine what is the smallest chart version that gets you the new dependencies
    • it should be orchestrator 7.0.0 and backend 18.0.0

    • adjust your values structure to match changes (only minimal structure changes, don’t update docker tags)

  • run helm upgrade

  • restore the database, either through Django (substrapp) or by running your SQL file on the database (orchestrator)

  • actually run the upgrade to Substra 0.15.0 proper